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Instruções para Autores

To be read carefully



Contributors may send by email the text, tables and figures in Word to <>.

Manuscripts for publication with a digital copy should be addressed to the member of the Editorial Board: Dr.ª Ana Maria Moreira, Serviço Porto-Sul  -  Hospital de Magalhães Lemos, R. Prof. Álvaro Rodrigues, 4100-040 Porto.


Contributions must be either in Portuguese or in English. Spanish and French being accepted only in special cases. The JOURNAL of CONSULTATION/ LIAISON PSYCHIATRY will publish clinical reports, re- search papers, review articles, brief communications, book reviews, and news and notes. Letters to the Editor are invited for comment on a topic of current interest or on material published in the Journal. Letters to the Editor will refereed in the customary manner and may include up to one table, 10 references, and 1000 words of text.


 Papers will be appreciated, following which they can be accepted without modification, accepted after modifications, or even refused with a written opinion.

When an article has been accepted for publication, the author is strongly encouraged to send a copy of the final version to the Editorial Board within one week, in order to be published.

Manuscripts must be typewritten on one side of the A4 sheet of paper in double-spacing with wide margins throughout. Together with the paper copies a 3 1/2 computer disk may be sent, giving details of the word processing software used, and any other program for tables and figures being necessarily referred to.

The following information must be given on the first page (title sheet): title, with a English version: authors name, the first and the last ones in full, the remaining ones in an abbreviated form: name and address of the department/institution to which the authors are linked to; department in which the work was done; name and email of the author to whom correspondence should be sent; name of the institution where it was presented; finally, it was discussed in a scientific meeting, refer to its name, place and date of the event.


The authors should prepare two structured abstracts of 150 (circa) words each, one in Portuguese, the other always in English. This last abstract, as well as the main body of the article, must use the following headings: backgrounds; methods; results; conclusions. Both abstracts should be placed at the beginning of the article.

Key-words should not be more than ten, and always according to the MESH (Medical Subject Headings) from the National Library of Medicine (


Contributors should also note the following:

  • Original articles of scientific investigation must obey to the following formal structure: introduction, method, results, discussion and conclusions.
  • Only essential figures (photographs, graphs and diagrams) and tables should be included (not more than five). Tables should be presented in separate, and numbered consecutively in the text in Arabic numerals. Titles should be typed above the table. Figures should be presented separately and numbered consecutively according to the order they appear in the text, and indicated as such.
  • Authors should spell out in full any abbreviations used in their manuscripts.
  • Any acknowledgements should be placed at the end of the text (before the Reference section).



References are of the authors responsibility and they should be presented according to the following form:

  • They should be numbered according to the order they appear in the text.
  • Or they should be disposed in alphabetical order by the last name of the first author followed by "et al." (if more than three authors).
  • Journal titles may be abbreviated as long as they follow the Index Medicus.
  • When several references are cited together, they should be listed in rising date order.
  • If an article is not yet published, the authors should name the title of the publication, the year and any other important data, writing the expression "in the press".


References should be styled as follows:


- Book

Waldrop MF, Halverson CF: Minor physical ano- malies and hyperactive behaviour in young children, in Exceptional Infant: Studies in Abnormalities. Edited by Hellmuth J. . New York: Brunner/Mazel, (1971), pp 342-280


- Journal

Dollfus S, Van Os J., Petit M.: Discrepancies on prescribing antipsychotics. Br J Psychiatry (1995 Feb); 166(2):263-4


- Presentation

Silva A, Epidemiology of Fibromyalgia. Personal communication, NMI Workshop, Kloster Seeon, Alemanha, (1994). REVISTA de PSIQUIATRIA CONSILIAR e de LIGAÇÃO..


- Citations

Ex.: …Segundo Godstein (15) como moduladores de fluidez lipídica, em particular agentes

anestésicos gerais e locais (5 p. 585), benzodiazepinas (8)…


(5) SEEMAN, P. – The membrane actions of anesthetics and tranquilizers.

Pharmacol. Rev. ISSN 0031-6997. 24 (1972) 583-655.

(8) MENNINI, T. [] – Diazepan increases membrane fluidity of rat

hippocampus synaptosomes. FEBS Lett. ISSN 0014-5793. 173 (1984) 255-258.

(15) GOLDSTEIN, D. B.- The effect of drugs on membrane fluidity. Ann. Rev.

Pharmacol. Toxicol. ISSN 0362-1642. 24 (1984) 43-64.


Web  -  Electronic Documents

(1) Direção Geral de Saúde -"Relatório do Grupo de Trabalho Interministerial sobre a Exposição da População aos Campos Eletromagnéticos", Lisboa: 2007. [Consult. Em 30 Set 2016]. Disponível em WWW: <> .


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